Beautiful group of very well formed and separated halite crystals with cubic and tabular shapes with square section. Bleicherode, Nordhausen, Thüringen, Germany.

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Nicknamed "The Blue Cedar" by mim. Mine Ouichane, Beni Bou Ifrour, Nador, Province Orientale.

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Known as the "Aztec Sun". Mina Ojuela, Mapimí, Durango, Mexico.

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Created by nature millions of years ago, minerals are works of art with breathtaking aesthetics, incredible geometric shapes and fabulous color palette.

Fluorescence is the property of a mineral to transform ultraviolet light that the human eye cannot see, into visible light.


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Mimodactylus libanensis “mimo” is the fossil of a pterodactyl. This one-of-a-kind complete specimen was found in Lebanon. It is a new species and a new genus of pterosaur, a being which lived around 95 million years ago.
It is promoted by means of state-of-the-art modern techniques: a hologram, an auto-stereoscopic movie, a full-scale reconstitution and a game “fly with mimo” – an entertainment that delights children and adults.